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ConVision - Online attendance system for construction - ConVision

History of ConVision


Mobile phones

Breakthrough innovation is the use of mobile phones to collect data from the cards. The construction foreman becomes master of the situation and the multipurpose phone gives him control over the entire operation.

Line construction

Skanska D.S. bridges department, building the stretch of southeastern infrastructure around Prague, uses the ConVision system on its site. Line constructions may in certain cases require a different approach to attendance, but even here fixed terminals are used.

New orders

BAK a.s. is a major company dealing with the construction of buildings and water objects. With the help of the ConVision system, the construction of the Trutnov Social Center has been controlled. Construction can be monitored via webcam online.
Trutnov - Social center Trutnov - Social center


Written about us

18.12.2008 article in magazine STAVITEL

ForARCH 2008 fair

Kiosk on ForArch 2008 Kiosk on ForArch 2008


Establishing of ConVision

ConVision s.r.o. was founded 27.6.2007 as a synergy between three companies; First Information Systems, s.r.o., I.M.K. s.r.o. and IVAR a.s. These companies decided to combine their knowledge and capacity to create a special system to register the presence of workers on construction sites.


September - December

Reflections on the system and consultations with various companies dealing with software and hardware. In December, the decision was made to start the cooperation of the companies IMK, Ivar a First.